CMEBC Mission

The Coalition for Music Education in British Columbia Society (CMEBC) is a registered non-profit society made up of parents, educators, arts organizations, and supporters from across our communities whose mission is to protect, promote, and advance music education in British Columbia.


A Message From Our President


Welcome to the Coalition for Music Education in BC. We are committed to protecting, promoting, and advancing quality music education, in all its forms, across British Columbia. Informing our communities and citizens about the importance of music education, and empowering them with the tools needed to help music education thrive is at the core of what we value.


The importance of music education is far-reaching and well documented in research and education curricula worldwide. Yet, its core purpose is quite simple: music education is essential to learning, development, and to being human. I invite you to join us and to support the work of the Coalition for Music Education in BC as we advocate for quality music education, taught by skilled professionals, across our province.

Christin Reardon MacLellan